Further Travel Safely By Boat (F-TSBB)

by Northwest Marine Service

The aim of the TSBB Further Training Course is to refresh the safety and emergency response skills of personnel who have previously successfully completed their TSbB Initial Training.

To successfully complete this Further Training Programme, delegates must be able to demonstrate:

1. The safety requirements covering safe embarkation and disembarkation
2. Carrying out their individual responsibilities
3. Donning of an appropriate floatation device used during transfers
4. Identifying and controlling hazards during swing rope transfer
5. Swing rope transfers with the correct method of luggage transfer
6. Acting correctly in the event of an emergency
7. Donning of an appropriate floatation device during an emergency
8. Boarding a marine life raft from water
9. Initial and secondary emergency response actions
10. In-water survival techniques
Target audience:
The Travel Safely by Boat initial training programme is designed for personnel currently travelling and transferring by boat to an offshore oil and gas installation.

Delegate pre-requisites:
Delegates must hold a valid OPITO Approved Travel Safely by Boat certificate.
Delegates who are in possession of a current BOSIET(with EBS), FOET(with EBS), HUET (with EBS), Tropical BOSIET, Tropical FOET, Tropical HUET, BOSIET (with CA-EBS), HUET (with CA-EBS) or FOET (with CA-EBS) are not required to participate in practical life raft and in-water sea survival exercises.

Training durations: 1/2 day