Passenger Ship Familiarization (Crowd Management)

by Northwest Marine Service


Passenger Ship Familiarization (PSF) course is Intended for Ratings and other personnel who will be serving on passenger ships as part of the complement and covers the mandatory training requirements prescribed in STCW 95, Reg. V/3, STCW code Section A-V/3, MS (STCW) Rules, 1998, chapter V, rule 32 and META manual Chapter V, section M-V/3

Course Objective:

On completion of Passenger Ship Familiarization (PSF) course the trainee would be able to serve in the capacity of ratings or other personnel on passenger ships. In addition to their normal duties as ratings they would be able to assist in handling passenger and an emergency on board

Passenger Ship Familiarization (PSF) Course Content:

Passenger Ship Familiarization (PSF) Disasters: brief history of passenger ship disasters, recent passenger ship disasters Basic passenger ship requirements

Emergency Preparedness

  • Emergency Organisation
  • Alarm and initial response
  • Organisation of emergency teams
  • Location of muster
  • Duties of emergency teams
  • Communication & Reporting on board
  • Emergency drills

Familiarisation training

  • Basic Procedures for opening closing and securing hut openings
  • Basic stability and stress requirements and imitations
  • Procedures for the maintenance of special equipment on passenger ships
  • Loading and cargo securing, Dangerous cargo areas, Emergency procedures

Course Duration: 2.5 Days