Travel Safely By Boat (TSBB)

by Northwest Marine Service

The aims and objectives of the Travel Safely by Boat (TSBB) training standard are to ensure that all personnel travelling/transferring by boat to work in offshore areas achieve the following:

A. Awareness of the risks to which they are exposed and how they are managed
B. An understanding of the essential safety rules with which they must comply and how to act in an emergency
C. An increase in their personal commitment to safety
D. Effective use of personal safety equipment
E. Practice and demonstrate correct method of boat transfers (simulated boat deck and installation)
Target audience:
The Travel Safely by Boat initial training programme is designed for personnel currently travelling and transferring by boat to an offshore oil and gas installation.

Delegate pre-requisites:
No prerequisites are required. Delegates who are in possession of a current BOSIET(with EBS), FOET(with EBS), HUET (with EBS), Tropical BOSIET, Tropical FOET, Tropical HUET, BOSIET (with CA-EBS), HUET (with CA-EBS) or FOET (with CA-EBS) are not required to participate in practical life raft and in-water sea survival exercises.

Training durations:
The optimum ‘contact time’ for the Travel Safely by Boat programme is 2 hours and can be carried out at an OPITO approved training provider.

Validity:4 years